Denial of Depravity

This article aims to articulate the reality and importance of the Dilemma of the original sin, how it has destroyed the people’s ability to seek God on their own, even though it is denied by many of those who confess to be Christians.  In this generation it is those who are mainly known as Neo-Pentecostal or commonly known as fire churches. They do not have a clear concept of the original sin or sin nature, Dr. Arnett in his book, (Pentecostalization the Evolution of Baptists in Africa) states that for Neo-Pentecostals sin is not moral against God rather it is just social, it is offenses against each other and acts that block the blessings from God, they do not see it as a separation from God (page 134).   

The Dilemma of sin or human depravity is clearly laid out for us in Romans 3:9-23. Paul here makes it clear that human beings are unable to relate with God in their own terms because sin condition. He calls this spiritual death in the book of Ephesians 2:1. All people are corrupted by sin Romans 3:23, it is not the environment they live in nor their race or ethnicity. He makes it clear that because of sin there is no righteous person in the whole universe. All people have turned aside; they do not understand; they do not seek God therefore they can never reach out to God in their sinful condition.  

Likewise, all people of the world produce nothing good from their tongues and mouth. The goodness of a sinful person is just like a grave. It must be noted that the bible clearly states that the mouth or tongue speaks from the abundance of the heart (Matt 12:34-36, and 15:18). The lying and the deception that goes around in the world weather in political realm, religious realm, business realm and societal realm is due to Human depravity. The Neo-Pentecostals will attest all to Satan and spiritual powers and forces. However, Paul attests all to sin.  He does this by quoting the Old Testament from Psalms 14:1-3, 5:9, 10:7. 

Paul quotes Isaiah 59:7-8 and Psalms 36:1-4 to demonstrate that all the wars of the world is a clear testimony of human depravity. In the Neo-Pentecostal culture and theology it is said that the essential cause of all that takes place at an individual and cooperate level in terms of war and murder is Satanism. However, the Bible states that every sin is a form of evil. The World will not know true peace and is incapable of realizing it because of human depravity. War is from the depravity of humanity.The world that we live in is filled with peoplewithout God, whereby people hate, deceive, cheat, lie and kill each other; you must never fall into this trap of thinking that you can know God and his blessing outside the Lord Jesus Christ. The only way to find true peace is with a relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

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